Toledo Lumberyard

Under several names and a few ownership changes along the way, Scott’s Building Center in Greenup has a long and storied history.

Greenup Lumberyard in the 50's

The business now known as Scott’s Building Center was founded by T.J. Prather in Toledo at some point before 1900.  Prather sold the business to Henry Tippett, who in turn sold it to Kelley & Wisely.  Armour Grain Co., doing business as the Neola Elevator Company, bought the business in 1910 and hired young E.B. Cutts to manage the lumberyard.  Cutts eventually bought the business in 1923 and operated it for many years some of those in partnership with young Garnet Grafton of Lerna.

Mr. Cutts eventually bought out Grafton after World War II and continued much as he had for decades until training young Bob Scott to manage the Toledo Builders Supply in 1957.

Prior to working at Toledo Builders Supply Bob Scott was a motorpool clerk in the Air Force which he served from 1953-1955.  After the Air Force, he worked at Shanks driving an oil trucks and making culverts.

Bob Scott purchased the business in 1963 and, later Bob purchased Greenup Builders Supply when it went up for sale in 1964.  He ran both locations till 1974 when he closed Toledo and moved it to Greenup. The name Scott’s Building Center came about approx. in 1974, when Bob bought out Bill & Joann Easton (Greenup Builders Supply).

In 1965 Bob started a construction company named CHI Construction Company.  Then changed the name to Ervin, Scott, and Easton Construction Company.  Approx. 1971 Sold the Construction Company to Carroll Ervin.

In 1978 at current location, started the new lumberyard.  He opened for business on January 21st, 1980.  At 43,688 square feet, the current location is several times the size of the old Greenup location.  After he retired in 1997, he created Scott’s Flooring Company.

Scott’s Building Center changed hardware suppliers in the past

  • Belknap Hardware Company: Mid 60’s-1971
  • Bostwick Braun Hardware: 1971-1981
  • Ace Hardware: 1981-2007
  • Do it Best: 2007- Present

Scott’s Building Center also buys from many other vendors.

In 2017, Bob Scott Celebrated 60 years being in business.  We had a big celebration here at Scott’s Building Center in July 29th, 2017.

With passing of Bob Scott in December 2018, Bob’s son Kurt Scott and daughter Barb Ozier co-owned the business, till November 2019 Kurt bought out Barb of full ownership of the lumberyard.

Today Scott’s Building Center employs 14, evenly split between full and part-time.  The third generation of Scott’s, Kurt’s Son Matthew is Assistant Manager.  Kurt’s daughter Kristan does General Sales, Advertising & some Bookkeeping.

The Scott's standing in their store
Kristan standing with family in legion hall

Kurt's Story

Bob wearing a ball cap and blue button down work shirt

I started at Toledo Builders Supply sweeping driveways when I would get into trouble at the age of 6 or so.  My sister Barb and I would get to help with inventory and checking addition on tapes against inventory sheets every year.  I tagged along with contractor’s watching mostly in 4th grade had a hammer put in my hand putting on roofing, drywall, and plywood at Richard Redfern’s in 6th grade.

Helped build Neal tire, Duplex, Eagleton House, Weaver hog barn my 7th grade summer.  Assisted my uncle Bobbie on various projects my 8th grade summer.  Painted St. John’s barn, Repair corn cribs west of Hidalgo.  My freshmen summer worked the new John Deere building.  Dad sold construction business that year and I worked at lumberyard now called Toledo/Greenup Builders Supply till after I graduated college.  Spring of 1999 I taught building trade at Cumberland.  Next year taught industrial Arts at Mascoutah Jr & Sr. High.  Summer of 1980 worked for 2 months at Wickes Lumber in Decatur part-time.  Left and went to Furrow Building Material in Champaign from summer of 1980 to Aug 1984.  Started as a truck driver, to    estimating sales counter, to yard supervisor.  I had worked part-time at SBC during a period I was teaching & working at Wickes and Furrows.

Matt, Kristan and Kurt standing in a room

My dad offered me a full time job in Aug 1984 came back to help run SBC mostly in Sales till 1996 when dad got sick and I stepped in as interim manager, dad retired in 1997 and I managed the yard till my dad passed away in Dec 2018.  My sister & I jointly owned SBC till Nov 2019 and then I came full owner of SBC.  My children Kristan, Michael & Matthew have all worked at the yard similar to myself from early ages.  Kristan is working full time at the yard helping with advertising, general sales and some bookkeeping, Matthew has been full time at the yard since college and is learning the business and fills the roll of Assistant Manger.

I’m a 1974 graduate of Cumberland High School. 

Matthew's Story

Matthew in blue shirt standing on porch

I started working part-time at the yard in 2006, started working Evapco also in 2006.  Was in 4H till I was 18.  Graduate from Cumberland High School in 2006.
Rode on floats as a little kid with my sister, brother & cousins.  Helped my sister Kristan build floats for the parades.

Came full-time at the yard 2007, learning the business, helping my grandpa bob and my father.  Helped with the change from Ace to Do it Best in 2007.  I have built up the Milwaukee department, and know I’m one of the biggest Milwaukee dealers in the area.

I started on the Greenup Volunteer Fire Department in 2017.  I’m also on the Cumberland Co. Sportsman’s Club Board.

I got married in November of 2020 to Julie (Deters) Scott. We just had our 1st child in December of 2021, and we are expecting our second child in May 2023. 

I’m currently the Assistant Manager at the yard.  

Kristan's Story

Kristan in black shirt at trade show

I started working part time here in 1996 when I was 16.  Answering phones, helping with inventory, helping customers.  When I was a little kid I would help my Grandpa Bob & Grandma Rose on floats for parades.  My 2 brothers Michael & Matthew would also help & ride in parades.  After Grandma Rose passed away in Sept of 1998 we didn’t do any floats but I continued helping at the yard.  In May of 2008 was my 1st float building and designing.  We got 1st place in the Toledo Springfestival Parade.  We have continued putting floats together for parades.  After Grandpa Bob passed away in Dec 2018 I have not done a float for any parades. We did one for the Mardi Gras parade in Greenup in 2019.  We were Grand Marshalls of the parade in Loving Memory of Bob Scott.  We have been in parades since then with a lumberyard truck.

In all the years I have worked 2 jobs: Wal-Mart & County Market I finally in the place I’m meant to be at, helping my dad & my brother Matthew.

Kristan in blue shirt kneeling next to Milwaukee tools

I’m finally was able to get a Rewards program going, working on the website, Facebook page, advertising, and learning the paint machine.  I was able to get customization with ORCA.   We have a great selection of ORCA coolers and chasers with local schools and also the NFL, MLB and some Scotts Building Center cups.  They are made in the USA.  If there is one thing that my Grandpa Bob would tell you, you have to have a good relationship with your customers and community.

I’m a 1998 Graduate of Cumberland High School.  Was in Cumberland Co 4H till I was 18.

Community involvement:

  • Toledo American Legion Auxiliary: Treasurer & Secretary
  • Toledo American Legion
  • Military & VA Packages
  • Cumberland Co. Historical Society
  • Cumberland Co. Veterans Monument
  • Cumberland Co Fair Board: Treasurer & Secretary
  • Cumberland Co Fair Queen Pageant Director 
  • Lifetime Member of Girl Scouts
  • CCDC (Cumberland County Develpoment Corporation)